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Claudia Dons Photography – Visual Identity

Claudia Dons Photography – Visual Identity
December 8, 2016 mark

Logo design

At our office there sits a skilled photographer, named Claudia Dons. After many years of experience and with a growing customer base, it was time to refresh the logo and visual identity of her brand. In collaboration with Claudia Dons and many different logo proposals, we became inspired by a so called  “finder” to use in her logo. We chose to use a”cross” as this is what a photographer sees through his camera, similar to the “crosshairs” inside the camera. After a review of possible designs we chose the above.

Visual identity

A visual identity in todays world both for online and offline, is extremely important. A logo must be used properly and Claudia Dons got many different sizes of the logo for use on social media. We found one of the many images that help support a mood and style in her brand and identity. We used often this picture as the background on the various pages and social media.

Claudia Dons is social …

Claudia Dons is social, or more importantly is on social media. Today, as a company or freelancers it is not enough to only be active on one social media. There are a lot of different social media platforms, suitable for promoting yourselves. We created a social media strategy which is aligned with the company and its clients to optimize Claudia Dons Photography online: Google+, Twitter, Facebook page, Instagram, Vimeo, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Flickr. You can see some of her profiles pictured below.


Claudia Dons Photography website

Facebook Page

Claudia Dons on her company page

YouTube Channel

Claudia Dons on youtube

Twitter Profile

Claudia Dons on twitter


Claudia Dons on vimeo


claudia dons on flickr - by