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WinWin Strategy – Visual Identity

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Iris Isabella Engelund contacted Barner because she lacked a definitive identity around her brilliant business concept. She needed a final company name, visual identity in the form of logo and website.


Her company’s concept is that she helps companies to structure themselves, thus involving a business strategy that she creates for her clients.

Company Name & brainstorm

After a fun brainstorming on over 100 names, we for fun talked about her concept was a “win win situation” for her clients and herself – everyone gets something out of the situation. Additionally, we created the first step of her new business name: “WinWin Strategy”. You gotta love a good brainstorm!

Logo & Corporate Identity

The visual identity for WinWin Strategy was designed from many different logo proposals and finally we came to the company’s dynamic and despite the strategy and structure, it was important that it was not too dry and square in communication. We came up with more vibrant colours and finally the dynamic form: a circle, which created the foundation of the logo.

Website & Graphics

Once a logo was in place as the starting point for the visual identity for a company, it is somewhat more straightforward to create the rest of the visual identity. One can better sort out the good and less good ideas and we created the website’s visual look in a fairly prompt amount of time. Texts were designed and adjusted from a delivered well-written draft and together we put the company’s concept and identity in the world.

Clothes make the man…

It was a pleasure to work with WinWin Strategy and Iris Isabella Engelund, who was delighted with the result. Today the company is, in short time, already grown bigger and it is without doubt the professional approach they have to their clients.