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Concept design

Concept Design

What is concept design? You Ask…

Concept design is all about designing your concept behind your passion. You might have an idea of what you would like to do. But this is only 1% of your companys concept. Therefore you need our help to design your concept on every aspect. We always start by asking you a whole list of questions, to get closer to your passion, drive and in the end a concept.

Who are your customers ? No really… Do you know your actual target group?

We help you target your market by designing your concept better. You might think it’s a great idea to just post everything about your company on social media, inMail ads, newsletters and on your website. But it might be company-suicide to do things like that without knowing your target group. You might think your product og services speak to a specific audience but are you really sure. It’s not worth energy and money to test who your customers are – spend your money wisely on our services by us creating a concept design with a better chance of a 200% turnaround on your investment in your company.

When you have your concept design – you will succeed! No it’s not that simple. Listen…
You need to keep your concept running and you might want to change a few things along the line but in the end it’s only you who should be the concept-police and make sure there is order in your concept. We will of cause be willing to help you stick to the plan but it’s all about routine, passion and understanding your concept thus understanding your customers.

Communication is the key – It’s the Actual key to your success!

Bad company communications are everywhere. Just think of a really lousy ad or commercial you might remember. “Bad ads are better than no ads…” Well only if you know your target group and how they communicate or you might actually fail miserably by creating bad ads! If your communication is clear and simple and easy to understand then… NO, wait you should not be the judge of what’s easy to understand or not in your line of work. You might be the best at what you do but that’s not always enough to keep a company from running smoothly. You might be a nerd talking nerd-language that a non nerd person wouldn’t understand. Worst of all is that you might even know it. It’s the little things like we all fail at – to put a button on your website where its relevant. It has to be the right amount of communication used to lure og attract your potential clients to buy your services or products.

How can we help you? Concept designing.

For us it’s simple. We have a lot of experience actually more than 10 years when writing this. We listen to your passions and your wishes and we make a plan for how you can built a better business with combining these thing into a whole bigger plan. Sounds easy right? It’s not but after doing it so many times it also seems easier for us to do than before. We learned by other peoples mistakes. We learned by our own branding mistakes at Barner. All this experience is what you benefit from. Most of all we are extremely creative and we can’t stop ourselves… it’s true we can’t stop! We love what we do and we love helping you build a business.

“Wait I don’t think I got all that! I still don’t understand what it is!?”

Don’t worry I, Mark Barner, owner and creative director of Barner,did not write this to give you the whole recipe on how to do it. It would take way too long to explain and I could and would write an entire essay on it and you needed an education in Concept design and the experience to understand what it is we do. In short, we create a concept for your business what will get you the right clients, make sure you communicate well to them and of cause the whole idea is to make you earn more than your competitors. So I recommend you contact us and you can tell us more about what you want and what your passion is. Then we can work from there.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you develop a bullet proof concept design.