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Printed Media

Printed Media

We can deliver digital prints and offset prints in all sizes and formats.

Business cards, flyers, brochures, postcards, stationary, paperline, signposts, posters, books, POS signs, folders, stickers, branded packaging, labels etc. Only your imagination and creativity can set the limits!

Depending on the volume, delivery time and print quality, the following 2 options are available.

Offset print

The Offset print is the traditional printing method, where industrial sized machines print using upto 6 colors. Offset printing is mainly used with large volumes of print (1.000 +) or if Pantone colors are used.

The Pantone color is a solid color, mixed on-site by the professional printer. Pantone is used in cases which require only 1 or 2 colors, like a logo, where the color has to be exactly right.

Offset print is a technology using large aluminium plates used to transfer the print to a rubber canvas and then roll the picture onto paper. It’s called “offset” because the color is not put directly onto the paper, but rather via the rummer canvas. Offset print is the best choice when larger amounts of printed materials are needed, especially because of the exact colors, sharp lines and professional results.


Digital print

The main advantage of digital printing is the fast production time and the lower price. Bear in mind, the quality is lower too! There are no starting costs with digital printing, which makes the prices very affordable and competitive, up to 1.000 prints.

What is digital print?

Digital print uses modern solutions like toner (as in a laserprinter), larger printers use inkjet solutions.

Digital print is a good idea with smaller volumes of printed material.

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