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Visual Identity

Visual Identity

Optimize Your Visual Branding

Social media has developed from a picture catalogue and pin-up board into an important branding tool. Social media is a dynamic platform which brings your brand and your products alive. Social media platforms are used by companies as online business cards, portfolios, information sources- but some forget the value of adding personality to the brand.

Social media is all about a brand’s personality, tone-of-voice and content. Successful social media demands consistency and a clear strategy. Most importantly, it needs to be recognisable – to be “branded”- to fit into your visual identity as a whole! The way the content looks is just as important as the actual content itself.

Below I have outlined my personal list of the most important aspects for successful online visual branding.

TIP 1: Think in Colours

Does your company have specific colours associated with it?

Do the colours and your brand’s personality match? A strong color palette is a key element of brand recognition.

What do you want your brand to be associated with? Youth and creativity? Use bright or pastel colours. Do you want to be perceived as corporate and professional? Use trustworthy dark blues and deep reds.

Make sure that your website, your logo, your e-magazine, promotional material and all your public social media posts use the same color scheme! If you have a physical shop, make sure the colours and look/feel are streamlined. Make your brand immediately recognisable without even looking at the logo!!

Just in case: When you have found “your colours” remember to write down the “Hex Codes”. This ensures that the exact same colours are used in all your materials.

TIP 2: Choose a Font

Similar to colours, the choice of font should “be your own” and reflect your brand’s personality. You ONLY need two or three fonts. Stick to them! If you keep changing and experimenting, your audience will be distracted and miss your message.

Using the same font for every post, makes your audience recognise the company’s updates in the news feed and encourages interaction with “their friend” (your brand). All this reinforces your brand. Make sure all your communication uses the same fonts.

 TIP 3: Remember Photo Filters

Colors and fonts are one thing- but have you thought about consistency with regards to your photos?

Using the same filter in your pictures, also supports your brand and it’s personality. Presenting your posts in a consistent manner, makes your communication recognisable especially in a newsfeed. As a result, you will stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, in other contexts, your customers will recognise your brand’s look and feel.


Which photo-style fits your brand?

First off, look at your existing design elements. Look at the colors and the fonts. What do you want to communicate to your audience? Is your brand a young, fun and upbeat FMCG? Or is it a serious and industrial brand? Do your products involve a high or low involvement by the customer?

Think about your customers as a set of demographics; Who are they? What would appeal to them? And where can they be contacted? Are they on Facebook? Pinterest? Instagram? Linkedin? Would they respond better to printed brochures? Do you want to drive customer traffic to your static webpage or do you want to interact with them via twitter?

TIP 4: Design Consistent Templates

Now that colors, fonts and filters have been decided, make sure to use them in all new marketing materials.

Design templates for press releases, sale items, promotions or competitions. This will make it easier for your fans on social media to recognise “your brand speaking” and this stimulates continued interaction.

Something to think about…

Social media is basically a tool that enables you to build a relationship with your audience. A two way street of communication and response. Support this conversation by being familiar with your audience – be recognisable and invite interaction.

Use your colors, fonts and photo filters consistency- that way your audience will know “it’s you”.

When you use colors, fonts and filters consistently, your fans and followers come to recognize your brand instantly and your content stands out in their social feeds.