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Logo design (Advanced pro solution)

Logo design (Advanced pro solution)

kr.30,000.00 VAT / MOMS

Logo design (Advanced pro solution)

If you are not into generic standard logo designs and you want a logo design where your brand stands out from the crowd and you want an original logo with the right balance and focus on your target group. This product is for you.

All in all we use up to 50 hours on firstly analyzing who your target group is and what they want. We search the market for competitors, we find your strength and weaknesses and combine all our information about your company, the market and your target group into a logo design that fits your company and goals perfectly. We will deliver a unique logo design that matches your exact needs. Before you we deliver your final logo we send your 3 or more layout ideas for your logo design for you to choose from. There will be a story behind why each logo looks the way it does and why we think it works. Within the price you have 2 turns to come with inputs to your final logo design. We will provide help and answer your questions about the process through the entire process.

This product is a pro solution for those who are serious about branding their company / business in succeeding visually.

*When purchasing this products we will also offer you the chance to have all your printed and online products visually designed to fit the new company branding. 25% Discounts are provided on package deals. Please ask for at price quote after you order this product – then you can decide exactly what you want.

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