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Hosted CMS

Hosted CMS make better homepages

– Simple to set-up and update

– Professional templates

– Video

– Blog, forum, picture gallery etc.

– No hidden costs

The definition of the “perfect homepage” is constantly changing. Users want relevant content, new and improved adwords have to be incorporated and extra functions like blogs, debate forums, picture galleries, calenders etc. need constant maintenance and adjustment to remain current.

Due to the high maintenance demands described above, many homepages are neglected, as visitor statistics reveal. Constant updates are complicated and time-consuming, especially for IT novices. That’s where a hosted CMS solution can help!

As graphic designer or web developer, you will get the tools you need to quickly and effectively establish and maintain a professional website with all the desired functions. You may choose to modify one of our existing templates or use your own unique webpage.

We provide a user-friendly WYSIWYG-interface and a HTML-editor. Though that may sound very technical and nerdy, it really isn’t! In other words, you can easily manage!

ONLY pay for the functions you need!

With Hosted CMS you get unlimited pages and traffic. You only pay for the functions that you use. Take a moment to browse the many features below!

Hosted CMS yields better websites because it’s quick and easy for you and you colleagues to develop, adjust, update and test new ideas – and implement them.


Hosted CMS price list:

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Umbraco and other CMS systems

If you prefer an opensource CMS system (coded in PHP program language) like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, we offer that as well. Contact us with your requirements and we will guide you towards the best solution.

If you want an ASP program solution, like Umbraco CMS, we offer that as well. Contact us with your needs.

We also offer services in extension to your existing CMS system. We can help you further develop your existing system and help you with installation updates! Read more about our CMS solutions.

The small print: We charge a set-up / programing fee for the so-called Opensource CMS solutions. Open source is “free” once it’s running. Our price is based on the individual clients’ requirements. We reccommend that you contact us for a non-binding meeting, where we can discuss your needs and how our services can help you.

Contact us to learn more or to order a CMS solution

Technical Compatability

A frequent obstacle for a web designer, especially when making the webpage responsive — is cross-browser compatibility.

What is “compatibility” ? The website design must function properly and have an error-free appearance on any platform used to view it. It ‘s definitely one of the most complicated and frustrating aspects when designing a new project. Cross-browser compatibility must be kept in mind throughout the design process. guarantees compatible, accessible and functional layouts across all browsers and formats. We have worked to perfect this process for years.

Contact us and tell us your designer dreams!