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Camilla Jacobs


Web Design


Camilla Jacobs came to Barner with a need for a template website design for her company Imagital, a company. The website needed to be one she could work with, add content to, keep updated and edit herself.

Camilla was a returning costumer having used Barner years ago to create the original website so came back for a new more modern one. Camilla herself has clients which she has referred to Barner to design websites for so has been in contact with the company many years.

Camilla experience with various sites  and CMS systems before which used not so user friendly themes and she needed something easier to manage herself.

Barner created a design style that was up to date with the present trends which was also more dynamic  and much easier to use.

Barner also created a solution for the website to be secure, to avoid hackers as there are many sites these days which are very easy to hack. Barner installed plugins and set up the site so it was one that was not easy to hack.

Project Images


The results from the project was very successful. Camilla herself could easily keep her site up to date and started offering some of the same solutions  we found for her to her clients, collaborating with Barner. Camilla saw how dynamic the solution that Barner created for her was so felt she should recommended and still does recommend Barner services to others.


Camilla Jacobs has been a regular client since.