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Web Design


Earmark is a company that sells acoustic panels,walls and canvases. They had an old website using an old version of word press and an outdated theme and template. We updated the site, changing the template to a new dynamic theme. The new design was chose to reflect the corporate company and that will attract clients that can afford bigger solutions.

This theme is a lot more user friendly for both the client to update and change content but also for the costumer to use and view products. We added a special  fold out menu to help users understand their options. We also provided a model and created a video shoot making short video instructions on how to mount the panels. We helped create content that converts better to clients such as ‘ Find your inspiration’ section. We set up and added am online web shop in their site for clients who want to shop online.

The site is fully responsive so works of desktop, tablets and smart phones.

We also reccomened they changed their server as the new website takes up more space with the extra graphic elements. So we moved it to a faster server which also improved the SEO.


Project Images


After launching the website the client can add, change and update content much easier than their previous site. The site is successful and is currently online.

See the site here