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Service Forbundet


Web Design


Service Forbundet came to Barner (previously known as with a need for a responsive custom made website suitable for an ‘A-kasse’ and a ‘Fagforening’ (Union). We were competing with 2 other design companies for this task but they ended up choosing our ideas and design. Although they had an original idea for designs they wanted us to combine what we thought with their ideas. Improve and adapt them to fit the companies requirements and fit their content.

The website was all costumed designed, not using a template. Improving usability from what they had on their cold site. We worked with a photographer to get the images we required and then edited them our selves so the images were aligned with the websites visual presentation.


Project Images


Colours scheme

We chose the fonts suitable for the company and its content which must be easy to read.  also choose the colour scheme throughout the site. The colours we chosen to help usability of the site. Using to different contrasting colours to match Service Forbundets services. The blue for the Union and the red for anything to do with the A-kasse.

We would recommend keeping a close relationship with us after the site is launched. As although we make it as easy as possible for clients to add new content its best to keep in touch to make its added correctly.

We gave Service Forbundet the designs, so they could add new sub pages using the same consistant design.

We also created images for their social media platforms such as facebook profile and cover photos and made slight adaptations to their existing logo.

See the website here.