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Dyreklinikken Artemis ( Animal clinic)


Web Design


Artemis is an animal clinic for cats and dogs in Hellerup. Their website was quite un-user friendly and complicated. It also contained a lot of unneeded information and had a menu which was tricky to use and contained a lot.

Together with Philosoflow we consulted with Artemis to create a new website which was much more user friendly and clean.

This website was created in a theme but customised to suit Artemis’s needs and colour schemes. The site is fully responsive so works on desktop, tablets and smart phones as shown in the images on this page.

We have also given Artemis some suggestions for a new logo which they are currently thinking about using as their logo at present is quite outdated.

Project Images

See below the old website layout on the desktop on the left and the new website on the right with the mobile and tablet versions too.