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Valentine Laage


E-Book Publishing


E-book publishing for writer Valentine Laage !
A new exciting author contacted me recently about publishing her e-book on

Valentine Laage has a passion for classic literature. Valentine started writing her own short stories recently and decided to publish them for others to enjoy. The first story is about the imagined afterlife of Fyodor Dostoyevsky- which means it is a labour of love. This will be one of many publications to come.The stories will be published individually, and eventually together in a collection.

In these surreal, humorous, fairly dark and mystical fiction stories, an afterlife has been put together for the writers, bringing to life and light themes such as art, creativity, death, transformation, mystery, consciousness, powerful yearning and many other timeless qualities of the soul.

We have designed the front page of the book in it’s golden and classic glory. There are hand drawn illustrations shown below inside the book.

Project Images

Ernest Hemmingway drawing illustration by Mark Barner (copyright)
Knut Hamson portræt illustraton tegning af Mark Barner (copyright)
Joseph Conrad by Mark Barner drawing illustration
Aldous Huxley by Mark Barner Illustration drawing
Fernando Pessoa by Mark Barner portrait drawing illustration
George Orwell by Mark Barner portrait illustration drawing
Karen-Blixen af Mark Barner portræt illustrator
Hermann Hesse by Mark Barner illustration drawing
Hildegaard von bingen by Mark Barner drawing illustration
Albert Camus illustration portrait by Mark Barner