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Game of Senses


iPhone App Design


Programming and designing a game interface that was stylish and minimalistic and with that create an awesome and exciting iPhone app / iPad App that stimulates all your senses.


Morten from PhoApps came up with the idea and programming of this app and we teamed up and together we designed a game for iPhone and iPad that will stimulate your senses. It was very important for us to make sure that the game was not something you could finish in just a few hours. A quality game that could stimulate you hearing, eyesight and via vibrations rewarded you every time you completed a level.

The concept of the iOS game

The main idea is through various sense-stimulators you will be challenged to find the hidden gem by moving you finger around without lifting it from the screen. The came is very colourful and the more you play it and move around with your finger on the screen the more wonderful and bright the colours will become. The music on each levels differs and also becomes louder as you move closer or further away from the hidden gem.
The best thing of it all is that it will get harder and harder for every level you complete. The rules you learned in the previous level might change in the next level. Also the more you move, the more points you will receive – if you move too much you will be game over! The is no other game like this on the market – it’s a challenge. Can you do it?

Psychology and marketing of

Game Of Senses.


When we had designed all the interface for the ios game and also designed the icon, facebook page, twitter page and much more. We then released the game. Very early we got great feedback from magazines and blogs as well as newspapers but most interesting feedback of all was that some of our games with concentration deficit disorder or ADD actually felt stimulated throughout the game and some where actually very concentrated and focused. It is always nice to get great reviews when creating something with heartfelt passion.


Project Images


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