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Intuitive Creations & Branding

We use well trained intuitive skills, to help our clients succeed.

Take your brand on an insightful journey




Get a homepage that speaks to the right clients!

We have worked with homepages and webdeisgn since the 90’s. We have a lot of experience with the Internet. We will gladly help you establish yourself in the best way online, by designing a website that matches your company, visually and content-wise.

Your company website is your virtual shop window

A company website is similar to a shop window online. In order to appeal to customers, you must show them your products, inform them about your assortment and welcome them in. Without a shop window, your customers won’t know you exist and they won’t be able to buy your products! Regardless of whether your company is big or small, it’s vital to stay modern and move with the times. Modern commerce never sleeps, when the brick and mortar shops close, the website remains open!



There are plenty of potential customers, if they could only find you!


The majority of the western population has Internet access and are online daily. Without a company website, you are missing out on customers. You could have the best product but if you are not visible or accessable, customers can’t find you. By having a website, you can be open to customers and sell products 24 / 7. An additional advantage of an online shop is that customers will go directly to your website. Once on your website, your customer is “in the shop” and there are no “neighbouring shops” that can distract your customers.


If you want to be professional – you have to look professional !

The Internet makes everything accessable from everywhere, so it’s important to standout from the crowd. You have to make sure your product is unique – or at least uniquely presented and branded! We are experts in “branding” and “visual identity”. We know how to appeal and speak directly to your target market.

Prices and Timeline

We are often asked; “What does a homepage cost?”. This is like asking a car salesman; “What does a car cost?”… There is no general answer to this question because it depends on what kind of webpage / car you want! We can give you a rough estimate ! The price depends on the following:

  • What will the website be used for? (we need to define your target audience and where they are active online ).
  • How many pages and sub-pages do you need?
  • Do you have your own HD pictures for your homepage? Or do we need to assist you in buying pictures online?  Do you want to use our in-house photographer? How many pictures do you need?
  • Have you already written the content? Or do you want us to use our copywriters?
  • Are you able to adjust and correct the webpages’ content? (CMS system required) (short term CMS systems are expensive to buy but in the long term you save money by DIY) Does your webpage contain static content that only needs editing once or twice a year?
  • Have you bought a webhotel and domain name (for example. or do you want us to buy a webhotel or domain for you?
  • Does your webpage need special functions – like a webshop, calendar function, slideshows, customer questionnaire, special login-procedure, newsletter module or social media buttons?
  • Do you have a logo for your webpage or do you want us to design one for you?
  • Do you need matching business cards / QR codes, then it’s a good idea to develop it all at once – plus you get a discount!

The questions above are standard and a good starting point. If you already know the answers, then you are ready to book a meeting! If you are unsure of what you need, we can guide you- book a meeting!


If you have any questions about websites or CMS systems etc. please feel free to contact us by clicking here.